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Sexual Facts
1. Every one sexuality is unique.
2. Sexuality is depending on personality perspective.
3. sexuality is dimension of personality.
4. Sexuality implies thinking feeling and behavioural reactions associated with maleness or femaleness of individuality.
5. Sex is natural integral part of life and culture of people.
6. Sex is social activity,
7. Sex is not vulgar connotation.
8. sex can be source of pleasure and fulfillment.
9. Sex is private,personal,hidden and mysterious in most of the cultures.
10. Healthy sex with life mate gives happiness and personal identity.
11. Legal sex experiences in human beings enhance sense of intimacy of love gratitude and respect towwards partner.
12. Every animal is unhappy after coitus.
13. Sexual misinformation, ignorance, embarrassment, misconceptions causes functional sexual disorders.
14. Psychogenic sexual factors are depression,performance anxiety,traumatic stress,,gyno and sex phobia, guilty feeling,low self esteem, lack of awareness, sexual myths,and misconceptions.
15. Organic sexual factors are medical illness,diabetes mellitus, thyroid disorders, hypogonadism (little or no sex hormones), testicular atrophy, hypertension, high cholesterol, genital abnormalities, spinal cord lesions, brain damage.

Msturbation Facts & Misconceptions
1. Masturbation is a normal sexual behavior.
2. Every person learns about masturbation as a part of exploration of his own sexuality.
3. 45 to 65% of females and 85 to 99% males experience and indulge in masturbation.
4. Masturbation in male and female does not harm the body or mind.
5. Some people create themselves anxiety,tension,guilty feelings and depression of deep rooted misconceptions.
6. Genital organs like penis does not become weak or small because of masturbation.
7. Masturbation is one kind of sexual out let in both male and female.
8. Masturbation does not cause erectile dysfunction or sexual inadequacy.
9. Masturbation does not lead to sexual problems after marriage.
10. Masturbation prevents unwanted pregnancy,STD,prostate cancer.
11. Parents should notpunish,scold or make the child anxious .
12. If there is repetitive compulsive masturbation the persion needs counseling and treatment
13. Don't fear about quacks and layman comments towards masturbation.
14. Masturbation does not lead to emptying or exhausting of semen.
15. Semen is one of the excreted body fluid like saliva it produced every day.
16. Don't consult to unqualifieds and quacks ,they have more sexual misconceptions.
17. Be alert ,develop sexual curiosity, be an adequate sexuality person.
Yours sex therapist,
B.Rama Murthy, MS (Sexuality), PGDEMC (Medical Care)(Osmania)